An East/West Easter Celebration

There exists an ancient hope for the restoration of humanity—one commemorated across the face of the globe and throughout history's vast expanse. What if we could now celebrate it collectively?


Apr. 25–30

Thessaloniki, Greece

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Anastasi 2019 purposes to bring followers of Jesus from East and West into a unique celebration of the resurrection, enabling new global servant-hearted relationships.


“Easter is the most precious celebration for us Christians, the reason why we live! Spending Easter with people from multiple nations and backgrounds all proclaiming ‘Jesus is risen’ at Anastasi 2019 will make it one of the most memorable Easters you will have ever attended!”

—Evi Rodemann (Founder of Mission-Net, Member of Lausanne Europe)

“I am excited for Anastasi—a gathering of people from Majority world and the West. It will be historic to be in the city of Thessaloniki where Paul labored years ago! I am looking forward to having fellowship with the Global community to learn how best we may share the Gospel. Please join us to be part of this amazing opportunity!”

Dr. Samuel Naaman (Professor of Intercultural Studies, Moody Bible Institute)


...celebrating the resurrection as a global family.