An East/West Easter Celebration

Apr. 25–30

Thessaloniki, Greece


What if we gather?


Celebrating together.

A collective festival is due! This is an East/West Easter Celebration like no other, drawing people together around the central tenets of faith in the person of Jesus.

Serving together.

Engage through service! We aim to distribute Scriptures to the households of Thessaloniki as a joint expression of our faith. With gifts in hand, participants will be able to spread the narrative underlying Easter.

Learning together.

Have you been to an interactive, cultural education that is tastefully fun? Through the presentation of personal stories, we will gain insight into Eastern narratives of the Christian experience and how others across the globe are practicing a life of faith.

Building together.

This is an intentional experience of a lifetime! Through celebrating, serving, and learning together, new relationships will be forged for more effective global Christian service.



Grand Hotel Palace, Thessaloniki*

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(Western Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand)


East & Students:

(All other)


Note: We would not want financial difficulty to be A reason for anyone to not attend. If this is your situation, please contact us at


Anastasi Sessions

Session 1: Opening Gathering

Thursday Evening (25/4) – 8pm

Session 2: Our Ancient Hope

Friday Morning (26/4) – 9am

Session 3: Good Friday

Friday Evening (26/4) – 8pm

Session 4: A Global Family

Saturday Evening (27/4) – 8pm

Session 5: Resurrection

Easter Morning (28/4) – 9am

Session 6: MIQEDEM Concert

Sunday Evening (28/4) – 8pm

Session 7: Closing Celebration

Monday Evening (29/4) – 8pm


Tuesday Morning (30/4)